Armenia Semyonovka Wind Power Plant

The Semyonovka wind project is based on data collected from one year wind monitoring at the selected site near Semyonovka Pass (northern part of L. Sevan). The project site for the wind farm is located at an elevation of 2435 m above sea level with geographic coordinates: 40o 39’ 26’’N and 44o 56’08” E.

The site has well developed infrastructure with access roads, proximity to railway and grid (35 and 110 kV air transmission lines). Based on an analysis of the landscape the project is evaluated for an installment of 17 wind turbines (Gamesa G80) each with an installed capacity of 2.0 MW.

The total installed capacity of the wind park is 34.0 MW. The average annual wind speed is based on existing monitoring data – 6.4 m/s. This data was extrapolated for the hub height (60m) of the wind turbines. The gross annual energy production of the wind farm is 71.8 GWh, the calculated amount of annual electricity delivered to the grid is 62.4 GWh. The wind farm capacity factor is 21%.