Wind project by Ukrainian MCL Group as a part of Ukraine’s recovery

The Ukrainian company MCL Group invites potential investors to contribute to Ukraine’s recovery through the joint implementation of a wind power project in the North-West of Ukraine. 

MCL Group started development of the first phase of its another wind farm long before the large-scale russian invasion of Ukraine. Currently, the first phase of 72 MW capacity is completely ready-to-build and is marked by its developer as part of Ukraine’s recovery. Construction of the first phase of the future Volodymyrets WPP located 130 km from the border with Poland, in the Rivne region, envisages installation of 12 modern wind turbines with unit capacity of 6 MW. 

The company began wind measurement campaign back in March 2020 at a height of 123 m in close cooperation with German GeoNET Gmbh that lasted for the next two years until February 2022. According to results received, the average annual forecast wind speed is 6.9 m/s at hub height while the annual electricity generation is projected at 240 GWh. Once fully operational, wind farm by MCL Group will reduce CO2 emissions by nearly 108 927 tonnes annually. 


MCL Group