Uzbekistan’s breakthrough projects – facts and figures

2021 has become a year of the largest pioneer projects in the energy sector of Uzbekistan. The Ministry of Energy announced 10 projects in the country’s energy sector, which cover milestones achieved during the year, and other projects set to complete by year-end. The scale and rapidity of Uzbekistan’s energy projects have no comparison in the country’s history and cover not only renewables but also reconstruction works, GTL projects, metering systems with improved monitoring and online control.
Among the listed largest developments are:
• Ten signed contracts for the construction of thermal, solar and wind power plants totalling 4,341 MW;
• Two large SPPs with the capacity of 100 MW each will be launched in the Navoi and Samarkand regions;
• By the end of 2021, thermal & solar power plants with a total capacity of 1,800 MW will be operational;
• High-voltage transformers with a total capacity of 1,568 MVA will be installed at 17 electric substations. Three investment projects will also be launched by year’s-end;
• 15,000 km of low-voltage power lines will be reconstructed and updated;
• Modernisation and reconstruction of 4,000 transformer substations;
• The largest investment project in the region, and the only one of its kind in the CIS region – Uzbekistan GTL project in the Kashkadarya region to be launched;
• Installation of an automated electricity metering & control system;
• Installation of bar codes on household gas cylinders across Uzbekistan will be completed. Control of liquefied gas cylinders will also be provided online.



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