Uzbekistan goes ahead with its energy sector expansion

Uzbekistan government’s key priority remains the expansion of energy and, especially, the renewables sector. At least $15 billion will be allocated to add new capacities this decade.
The government expects electricity demand to grow by 70% over the next 10 years. It plans to add more than 30 GW in such categories as thermal power (including steam and gas plants) – 19 GW (60%); nuclear power – 2.4 GW (8%); solar – 5 GW (15%) and wind power – 1.7 GW (5%); hydropower – 4 GW (12%).

By the end of this year, Uzbekistan intends to raise $7.6 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI), according to Badriddin Abidov, deputy minister of investment and foreign trade.

2021 has become a year of the largest pioneer projects in the energy sector of Uzbekistan. The Ministry of Energy announced 10 projects in the country’s energy sector, which cover milestones achieved during the year, and other projects set to complete by year-end. The scale and rapidity of Uzbekistan’s energy projects have no comparison in the country’s history and cover not only renewables but also reconstruction works, GTL projects, metering systems with improved monitoring and online control.


Photo by Fernando Santander on Unsplash