The world’s largest green-hydrogen project was announced for Kazakhstan

Swedish-German renewable energy developer Svevind Energy intends to deploy 45 GW of wind and solar capacities in the steppe areas in the west and centre of the country. The power plants will be complemented by 30GW of electrolysers to produce about 3 million tonnes of green hydrogen per year. The product can be either exported directly to Europe’s growing hydrogen market or used locally in Kazakhstan for ammonia, steel, or aluminium production.

After presenting the plan to the Kazakh government, Svevind Energy signed an MoU with the Kazakh Invest National Company JSC. The development is now at an early stage and financing has not yet started. The development, engineering, procurement, and financing phases for the projects are now expected to take between three to five years, while construction and commissioning will take five years.

Currently, Kazakhstan has approximately 5GW of installed renewable energy capacity, including 3GW of hydropower and nearly 2GW of solar power.