Renewable energy to squeeze out coal and hydropower in Turkey

The country’s use of coal and water for energy decreased in 2021, while its use of renewable energy and gas went up.  Wind and solar power accounted for 13.6% of Turkey’s total power generation in 2021, up from 11.7% in 2020.

The use of coal also went down in 2021 for the third year in a row, which might be attributed to the “extremely high costs of importing hard coal.” The use of coal is still more prevalent than it was before 2018, however.

Turkey used less hydropower last year, decreasing from 26% of the total energy share in 2020 to 17%. This was compensated by more gas power, which increased from 23% to 33 % of the total energy share in the same time frame.

The future of wind and solar power in Turkey looks promising: in 2021 the country installed wind farms with a record total capacity of 1,750. According to the opinion of the Turkish Wind Energy Association, the main driver was the YEKDEM incentive scheme. The scheme ended last year rushing investors to commission their power plants before the deadline. The construction of 30 wind farms with an overall 800 MW is in the country’s pipeline.

By 2027 Turkey aims to commission wind and solar projects with 10,000 MW in capacity for each type of renewable energy.