Pumped storage hydropower plants will be built in Serbia

Two hydropower plants totalling 3 GW could be built in SerbiaThe Ministry of Mining and Energy will present a EUR 17 billion investment plan in September. Investments in new large-scale hydropower plants include the construction of pumped storage hydropower plants Đerdap 3 (2,400 MW) and Bistrica (680 MW). The 2 projects could be essential for Serbia’s energy transition by accelerating the integration of solar power plants and wind farms.
The implementation of the first large investments is expected to begin in 2020. In addition to the projects mentioned above, it is planned to deploy solar, gas and wind power capacities which will secure the stability of the energy system.
Earlier this year Bosnia’s autonomous Serb Republic and Serbia launched the construction of a 125 MW hydropower plant on the Drina river which will help to diversify their future energy mix.
The Western Balkans and Serbia itself have huge potential for developing green energy, with its rivers providing hydroelectric power, its mountains and plains enabling wind power, its underdeveloped solar energy, and the inhabitants of its many cities keen for sustainable development.





Hydropower Serbia Photo by Ted’s photos – For Me & You on Foter.com