Kyrgyzstan aims to attract RES investments

The government of the Kyrgyz Republic has developed a document, which should remove the obstacles to date limiting penetration of renewable energy into the electricity supply mix in the country.

The potential investors raised concerns regarding the lack of a legal and regulatory framework in the field of renewable energy. These concerns have been addressed by the Regulation on the conditions and procedure for the implementation of activities for generation and supply of electricity using renewable energy sources.


In particular, the Regulation covers the following project development phases:

  • Land privatization
  • Construction permits
  • Power purchase agreements
  • Construction and commissioning stages.

There is no reference in the document to tariff issues. At the same time, it is expected that subsidies will be introduced for a period limited to 10 years.

Some experts believe that the proposed Regulation will give an impetus to develop the country’s energy sector in the right direction, as Kyrgyzstan has vast untapped potential in the field of renewable energy.