Kosovo to use solar power to heat homes

Kosovo will become the first economy in the Western Balkans region to use solar power to heat homes. The Ministry of Finance, Labour and Transfers signed a financing agreement on the Solar4Kosovo district heating project. 

The project is worth more than €80 million and includes two grants from Germany’s KfW and the European Union (EU) worth €31.6 and €21.5 million, respectively. The rest of the project is being financed by a loan from the EBRD in the amount of €23.2 million.  

The district heating project envisages the construction of a solar power plant that uses the sun’s energy for central heating. It will also increase heating capacity by expending the network by 50 MW. The innovative technology enables the collection of solar energy during the summer, its storage and use for central heating during the winter. 

The EU will support the energy transition and sustainable development of Kosovo through another 100-megawatt solar electricity project with the Kosovo Energy Cooperation. 



Image by andreas160578 from Pixabay