ILF will produce a green hydrogen concept design for SVIEVIND

ILF Consulting Engineers announced that they have signed a contract with SVEVIND to jointly develop a concept design study for a 20 GW green hydrogen facility in the Mangystau region in Western Kazakhstan.

In the region, SVEVIND wants to construct 30 GW of wind and solar power plants that will power a 20 GW water electrolysis industrial complex. The latter will be capable of producing approximately 2 million tons of green hydrogen per year from 2030 to supply Eurasian and Kazakhstan’s domestic markets. The choice of the Mangystau region is explained by the fact that it already has plenty of renewable energy capacities and the proximity to water resources required for the electrolysis process.

“This Concept Design Study will be the first milestone in engineering the Mangystau green hydrogen project, a project unprecedented in scope, size and complexity aiming to deliver large amounts of green hydrogen and ammonia to Eurasian markets at competitive costs. We are glad to cooperate with ILF Consulting Engineers and ROLAND BERGER for this Concept Design, well reputable, very experienced consultants with broad knowledge in energy, hydrogen projects and about the region,” said SVIEVIND CEO, Wolfgang Kropp.

“ILF is excited to be part of such a ground-breaking project. We truly believe that hydrogen and its green derivatives are an important component of a sustainable energy policy and SVEVIND´s green hydrogen projects are an important milestone towards the scaling up of green hydrogen projects,” added Dr. Michel Kneller, Director of Hydrogen at ILF.


Hydrogen SVIEVIND Photo by DEGIRO